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:dizzy: A collection of awesome lists, manuals, blogs, hacks, one-liners, cli/web tools and more. Especially for System and Network Administrators, DevOps, Pentesters or Security Researchers. - tri...

California Begins Effort to Use More Open Source Technology

The Government Operations Agency has launched the California Code website. The site will host policies and, eventually, the state's open source projects.

Clojure's stability: lessons learned • Steve Klabnik

There’s been some Programming Language Discourse lately, and I have some thoughts. It’s mostly centered around a comment on the orange website: I would put it simply: Clojure was designed by a thinker, who creates when he is away from the... | Steve Klabnik | “The most violent element in society is ignorance.” - Emma Goldman

6 tips and tricks for using KeePassX to secure your passwords

Get more out of your password manager by following these best practices.

50 CVEs in 50 Days: Fuzzing Adobe Reader - Check Point Research

A Fuzzing Drill Hits the Motherlode Research By: Yoav Alon, Netanel Ben-Simon Introduction The year 2017 was an inflection point in the vulnerability landscape. The number of new vulnerabilities reported that year was around 14,000, which is over twice the number from the year before (see table below). The probable reason for this is the... Click to Read More

Le prix du baril ne peut que grimper n'est-ce pas ? - Heu?reka #29-1

Why Software Developers Are Paid 5x More in The USA

Hey Broski! Subscribe if you haven't already, it'll make my day! Highest paying country for software developers.. have you ever wondere...

Luxembourg to become first country to make all public transport free

Government seeks to prioritise environment and end some of world’s worst traffic congestion

International Space Station switches from Windows to Linux, for improved reliability - ExtremeTech

The United Space Alliance, which manages the computers aboard the International Space Station in association with NASA, has announced that the Windows XP computers aboard the ISS have been switched to Linux. "We migrated key functions from Windows to Linux because we needed an operating system that was stable and reliable."

Why Clojure? – AppsFlyer – Medium

In 2012, I found myself looking for a job. The startup I was working in was winding down and I spent my time idly looking for interesting…

France declares war on Google as military switches to rival Qwant search engine

FRANCE has declared war on Google to avoid becoming a “digital colony” of the US, according to reports. The French Army ministry and parliament are switching computers and handheld gadg…

Why the world needs deep generalists, not specialists

You should hire a polymath but you probably won’t find one.

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